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Ocean Ecologies and their Physical Habitats in a Changing Climate

The goal of the workshop is to bring together biologists studying ocean and polar ecologies; oceanographers, biogeochemists, and climate scientists studying the changing physical habitats; and mathematicians with ecological and physical expertise. The two-way feedback interactions between ocean ecological systems and their physical environments have the potential to dramatically impact both marine biodiversity, and the planetary response to the changing atmosphere. The types of mathematics used to model ecological and physical processes are typically quite different. One of the exciting aspects of this workshop, and a reason to run it at MBI, is that we anticipate interesting new mathematical challenges arising from combining these different approaches to focus on modeling the feedback interactions between the ecological and physical systems.

The workshop will focus on two main themes:

1. Polar and sea ice ecologies
2. Phytoplankton and the carbon cycle

These themes are particularly timely in that the impact of climate change on these systems has been quite pronounced. Moreover, these areas are further tied together through the interplay of a wide range of the length scales involved, from microscopic to many kilometers over oceanic regions. As with all aspects of mathematics and climate change, this is an emerging area, and part of the reason for running the workshop is to help identify the mathematical challenges and opportunities the emerging topics present.

Location:   Columbus, Ohio, USA
Dates:   June 20 - July 1, 2011
Contact Information:   The Ohio State University
Jennings Hall, 3rd Floor
1735 Neil Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43210

PHONE: 614-292-3648
FAX: 614-247-6643

Home Page URL:

Keywords:   Polar ocean, Polar ecology, Arctic, Biogeochemistry, Climate change, Phytoplankton

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